23 October 2012

More Kimono love!! Blogtoberfest # 23

Hello there,
So how did everyones Monday go??
I had a bit longer in the day on my own.. Frazer is very nearly phased into school he is in till 12.45pm now. Next week he is in full time.. I'll be my own woman from 9am till 1.15pm. This is where my plan of having a tidy home and sewing on a good balance... I'm hoping that this plan comes to fruit!! I can hear all you others out there saying erm Traci!!!! Not gonna happen... But I am stubborn and am planning on taking over the world one stitch at a time!!
Anyway.. I managed to have some balance yesterday... Me and the boys got the last of the Halloween decorations up last night (I have a tute to share but just have to get the photos done) I am on top of the ever growing washing and I managed to get a fair bit of my kimono done last night...
There was alot of ripping out..... This seam had been sewn with thick thread and was doubled,
I got it all sewn up... I have sewn in front of the existing stitch, the holes left were a bit big so have mad them only visible to the on the inside.. A wee press and this should look just OK.
This is the centre back lining seam and the bottom hem... I have the white lining sewn up but have to attach the lining to the back of the kimono... This is the job for tonight.
This is the bottom hem... I'm thinking this well be the last seam. I still have to get the collar done, I'm saving this till last as it's gonna take alot of fiddling... I have to say I'm looking forward to it... This has been a lovely project... I can't wait to get it all washed and wrapped for Christmas!!

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