8 October 2012

Some park action & a new crochet project in the usual spot.. Blogtoberfest #5

Good evening all
I'm running a bit later today.. It's been a fabulous day with a couple of hectic bumps along the way!!! The boys had a great day at school, they came home with smiles and gold stars ~ Very proud mummy alert!! My wee super stars :)
Finn having no fear of heights!!
We had a lovely time at the park today too.. I have to say, I don't think I'll ever grow out of going real high on the swings. Me & Finn love to share the swing he sits on my knee, facing me hugging so tight screaming "higher mummy" I love it.. he's so full of laughter.. He's infectious!!!

Frazer seems to have no fear of heights either coming down this big slide!!
After all our fun at the park we had a lovely wander home, I found a easier way home today too.. By easier I mean less hills. Derry is full of hills, and it must be bad if I notice... I'm from Edinburgh and we have mountains there! Anyways we got home done our homework, then a Little art. I so love sitting down with the boys and getting lost in their imagination.. The stories that go with their drawings are brilliant! a kids mind is a wonderful thing!!
After all that they boys went off to play, I got 5 loads of laundry done and hung!! Check me out ~ Patting myself on the back right now :) I even managed to get my windows cleaned today too!! After all this productivity, the plumber/electrician came by. I had a list of things that needed done.. There was a battle of fuses, floods & confusion BUT the end result is DRUM ROLL PLEASE... I have a toilet that flushes, a boiler that works and radiators that are hot!! Now that is a fab non sewing Ta-Da!!!

So tonight sitting on my lovely rocking chair, I have been cosied up beside my fire starting a new crochet project.. A hot cuppa in hand and my gingernut biscuits not too far away!! A perfect end to a very nearly perfect day.
I hope everyone has had a great Monday and has spent it with people they love.. there is no greater gift..

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