7 October 2012

Our lovely day out at a organic farm... Blogtoberfest #4

Blogtoberfest 2012 #4

Well that's dinner in the oven.. So I'll go for post 3!

Me and the boys were out on a friends organic farm yesterday, I have to say it was a fantastic day really relaxing and fun. It was the best day we have had for such a long time.. It's so nice to get "out of the city" I know Derry isn't big but it can seem a little hectic at times.

Our lovely friend sent us home with a whole heap of yummy veg!!

Don't you just love these shamrocks.. They are Fantastic!!
The views over at the farm are second to none.. I am always drawn to water, but I'm a Scorpio so I think it's a given that this is my kinda thing!!

Isn't this the loveliest forest... I just adore it, Frazer was full of questions... Finn had a stick and was whacking everything in sight & having a good explore!!

 Now the boys know where wool comes from, how seeds are spread about the forest & how mushrooms grow... A very educational day indeed!!!!

The boys even got to harvest fresh eggs... They didn't even break them putting them in the bucket!!

 I'm so happy the boys got to sit in the tractor, they were so excited when they heard we were going. All they could talk about was riding in a tractor!!!

We never really seen many cows or sheep as they were up the field... We did get to feed the hens though.

I hope you've enjoyed our day out at the farm, I'm gonna do this in 2 parts as there are sooo many good pictures. In part 2 I'll show you all the yummy food that our friend grows...

I'm going to run a bath for the boys.. School tomorrow. I hope you have enjoyed reading, we certainly had a fab day!!


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