7 October 2012

My excuse..... Blogtoberfest #2

So like the title says....
My excuse
Yes this is my excuse for not posting yesterday, I gave myself a rather nasty burn.. I am known to drink very cold coffee... I blame housework and motherhood!! But for some reason yesterday I though just pop in in the microwave. So I did, I put the cup in then proceeded to totally forget I put it in there. I rushed over took the cup out and then thought well no problem here, just pour it in another cup, This is when my coffee decided to go all science experiment-like on me and bubbled over.... ALL OVER MY HAND!!!!!!!! It was oh so very sore, I jumped so high when it happened my friend got a fright!!! So lesson learnt here... Drink it whilst it's hot OR make a new one!!!
So today I have a couple of posts lined up... (Trying to catch up on Blogtoberfest already!!!) First is Derry Autumn, I have to say Derry as a city has so many photo opportunities And I do love the colours Autumn offers us all those reds, browns & oranges... Just makes you want to get all your snugly winters on.. There is nothing better then Pj socks and a woolly jumper... Not to mention I do enjoy the open fire!
View of outer Bishop Street through The Walls

My wee Finn Looking not so wee anymore!!
The orange is so so vibrant!!

This is a lovely building on outer Bishop Street.. I always wonder what it was, I shall have to have a dig about to find out! I shall keep you posted..
We managed to get the sunset just right on the way home..

Finn playing hide and seek!!
I do enjoy dry days.... It's the simple things that make us smile. A walk home can be so much fun, there are bushes to hide in walls to walk along, leaves to kick!!!
Hope you enjoyed our walk...
We defo did!!!

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