7 October 2012

And now for a little beading.... Blogtoberfest #3

And I'm on a roll!!
This is Blogtoberfest post #3...

If your a regular here at chez Traci, you may have noticed my flavour of this month is Beading...

 I have become a little partial to it.
It started here with this fold-over clutch.... I have to say it is super fiddly (having the right size needle defo helps) It is very time consuming too, but I do think that the end result is well worth it. And it is very therapeutic!
I have added beads to my crochet here... There seems to be no end to the simple bead adding Pizazz to crafty projects.
This is my latest beading adventure... So what do you think???

This is going to be another lavender heart, I just followed the pattern of the fabric, and used the beads from my stash... I think this would be a worthy craft for my/your hand bag.. It takes up very little room, and could be done anywhere. A little plate or bowl would be a advantage though saves the beads going everywhere!!
I'm off now to do a little housework... I feel it maybe getting slightly neglected!!


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    1. Thanx so much Bijou, I have a post coming up with more detail on the clutch... :) Thanx for popping by x


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