1 October 2012

Oh my embelished heart!!!

Well hello and good morning.
How is your Monday going?? It's mostly dry over here in Derry. The boys are in nursery/school, it is Finn's first full day, and Frazer is now in till 11.15am... Freedom AKA sewing time is defo nearer. I am super excited that I start my Garment making course this week it will be so good to be around like minded souls.. Roll on Wednesday I say!!!
As you all know I have been Crocheting away for the last couple of weeks (At least!) I have a vague TaDa here... Not the greatest pic but, you can see the beading a little here. I will be getting a better pic this afternoon..
So to go with this lovely Wrap (Erika Knight~Beaded Cobweb Wrap)....
I have been rummaging through my beads again...
I have a little helper there at the back do you see?!?!?
And I got this fabric forever ago.... It was £3.50 for 2 meters of cotton, It is to die for. I love it, it has a whole I'm vintage feel about it, it's so not vintage but it defo looks the part!!
This is the end result of my beading... I am making a lavender heart. I think the fabric/beads will be just the right partnership for the wrap.. I am pretty chuffed with is all. I plan on making a drawstring bag to put said wrap in. All I need now is a lovely card... As I may have mentioned, this is for the boys granny (Ma) it was meant to be for her birthday but alas... I am late!!! I think it's a pressie worth waiting for!
So what do you think of my beading adventures?!?!? And does anyone know any good links to a lined drawstring tutorial?!?!?

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