20 October 2012

Me + My overlocker = Happiness Blogtoberfest #18

Hello again...

Did you see my post about a orderly sewing room?? Well here I'm reaping the rewards... I'm in love with my overlocker again!! And she's been put back in to action, proudly placed beside my much loved JEM, she looking fab with new spools, plugged in and ready to go!!
Oh how I have missed thee!!!
 Time to dust the girl off and get here to work!! I have had to find the manual online..
There are teething problems.... I am more than welcoming!!! Tension being one of them but I am ready to take her on and win her over...
Till the next post..
Happy Saturday!!!


  1. Good luck fixing the tension! My old overlocker had problems with the tension and I just couldn't fix it.

    1. Thanx Pam, I'm going to give it a bash today.. The dreaded housework comes first though!!!


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