22 October 2012

What would you rather SWAP?!?!!? Blogtoberfest #22

So peeps

It's a Monday....

I have to say I'm not a Monday blues type of gal!!! It's the start of a new week, back to routine for the boys... And only only 4 sleeps till movie night with the boys!!

On to the nitty gritty!!!

What do people think of a wee international swap?!?!!?
I would love to host a swap, but first have to test the water.... Would you be in??? I'm thinking either
A Christmas stocking + Goodies

A Christmas apron + Goodies

I have always enjoyed taking part but I think I want to get my hands dirty this time and jump right in there!!
So tell me lovely peeps....
Are you in....
What's your ? + Goodies preference??
If your a lurker or a shinny new reader.... Please do leave a comment below.. And I know my regular readers will put their 2 pence in!!!
Big Love

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