16 October 2012

YumYum!!! Blogtoberfest #14

A blogging hat trick huh!!!
Me and the boys had a fab weekend, we used up all our organic fruit and veg from the visit to our friends farm.. Yummy yummy..
The boys have decided, after me struggling for quite some time that my veg soup is now something they will eat... I am very happy about this :) It's easy way to get them involved... And eating up their greens!!

It's like looking in a mirror when I look at Finn sometimes... We are just so similar, as one lady put it "you won't be able to leave him at the shops"! What a way to put it huh!!

Anyways heres our before....

 And here's our TA-DA!!!!
I have to say it was a little bitter just after we cooked it BUT, the next day it was to die for!! YUM YUM.

The rest of our weekend was spent making Halloween decorations, Finn is getting pretty handy with a pair of scissors!!
Has anyone got a fave baking recipe they want to share?!?!?

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