27 October 2012

Family fun + 1 blogtoberfest #28

Hello there peep's
We're having a family fun day over town.. Foyleside has a arts & crafts thing on.... A little lame to be honest, and the lady at the crafts table is so no wanting to be there... Sad but hey she won't ruin our day!!
We had a fab walk over it's turned out another fab day!!

How could you not love autumn!!
This is some stone work on one of the bridges..
This is in the Diamond
It's the Austins building, It has a lovely cafe..
Over at Foyleside there is a dancing game you can win prizes...

The arts and crafts make..... The boys like it and that's the main thing!!!
I'm off for now.. I am real short on time so shall sort this post out on Monday, I have both my boys and a rather restless 11 year old girl.. she's bored of Starbucks already!!!


  1. lovely view! specially that stonework :)

  2. Derry is so lovely.... Especially when you look up!! xx


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