21 October 2012

Kimono bringing the couture sewer in me Blogtoberfest #20

Hey there, how are you all ??
I just wanted to give you a wee peek of what I'm up to.. Everyone has their own sewing style, their certain places to sew or craft (for me crochet/bead) certain projects.. I suppose, it all comes down to the space you have and how obvious you want to be your crafting in public ... That and your ability to travel with said craft....
I have started my new "sofa sewing/craft project" being that it is way to big to carry around with me..

This is a kimono I was won in a giveaway from Kerrie ~Charm & Laundry... She has a lovely wee blog running a vintage pattern giveaway right now... Click the link you know you want too!!
This is the collar (Neck)
Back seam (linning)

There are a few fixes of the past that have met my ripper already!!

 And this is the arm....
I'm working on this right now...
I love this project, it is a challenge. It is so intricate at parts, the armpits... for want of a better name!!! Were hectic but alas after much ripping and futtering I have found a way to strengthen it...
This is gonna make the gratest Christmas present.. It has been on the to-do pile for like EVER but I can now say I have the time, space and concentration required!
Do you have a project that's just sitting waiting on you?!?!
Please share!!!
PS. Remember to head on over to charm and laundry for a wee wander!!

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