20 October 2012

Hair today gone tomorrow!! Blogtoberfest #19

Hello again
So how is everyone's Saturday turning out?!!?!!? Me and the boys had a great day.We watched Harry Potter for the first time, a little scary at parts.. AKA boys hiding behind the sofa!! But as movies go they seemed happy enough. We are stuck in a place where movies like the hulk and iron man are all they want to watch but they scare the bejesus out them!! This being said I do only let them watch the first few min's coz if I tell them it's too scary they won't listen.. They watch... They learn very quickly!!!
Today it was time for a trim... For the boys, After the disaster that was my hair cut. It was defo not me, I don't think I'll have my hair cut for a year.... I wish I could laugh!!

So what do you think?!?! I can totally see where people think they are twins in this shot.. They are oh so similar.

I love this one so much look at Finn, there is such brotherly love in this photo!
The Foyleside shopping centre has it's Halloween decorations up and they look fab! They always host fun kids crafts over the Halloween period... Roll on the 27th I say!! I really love Derry at Halloween it's like Edinburgh at Christmas they go all out for the kids... And the night life for the adults is just out of this world , the fire works are fantastic too... I have lived in many cities and no-one celebrates the way Derry folks do!! (I can't wait for he continental market either yum yum)

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