10 October 2012

Alterations & organising Blogtoberfest #8

Good evening peeps..
I seem to have become a bit of a late nnight blogger... I say late night it's only 8.30pm, but I have been up since 7am!
Today was my sewing class, and I so wish I had more to show for it... That being say it is my good deed for the day. I have hemmed now 3 table cloths for Frazers nursery.. They have a colour table, this month is orange, They all have to take something in that is orange they are happy to "sleep" at the nursery for the month!

Here they are, well 2 of them.. The other is on my sewing table awaiting the last hem.. It seems a easy quick task but! Do not be under any false ellusions... This fabric... Nylon??? is a slippery nightmare it's been floded over twice just to make it that bit neater. I am happy to have helped but am glad I'm finished with it, and can go back to my lovely cotton!!!!
After sewing class I had arranged to meet with a friend who needed to have her daughters formal dress altered... She had ordered it online at a cost of £100 but when she go it the train was far to long, I would say by maybe just over a meter. I have pinned it...
What do you think??? She will be wearing diamante heels, These shoes were just for height. She didn't want to spend to much on the alteration. It is a waterfall hem line, I have to say I'm not really a fan!! Emma who is wearing the dress loves the alteration. I shall show you a before and after shot as this is just pinned at the moment!!
So on to my organising, I have no photos but I do have a link... I have bought 2 of these for £15 and am hoping to sort out the fabric stash in my sewing room. I also picked up these for linings and interfacing etc... I hope to have a very neat nook very soon, I think a week of careful planning and execution should do it... I don't think there will be a before shot but I look forward to showing you the after!!

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